Pink Matter

Pinkmatter leverages Geomatica processing in their offerings, such as Far Earth, a software suite which offers end to end production workflows, from online customer order to final online or offline delivery. Geomatica algorithms are implemented alongside other sophisticated data ordering and delivery tools and perform chained tasks such as orthorectification, mosaicking and change detection. Interactive tools that launch OrthoEngine to refine positional accuracy have also been implemented.

Pinkmatter, a South African company, has been a long time customer of PCI Geomatics. They were among the first companies to implement commercial software systems that are sold internationally that include Geomatica workflow integration.

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PCI Geomatics has developed some sample applications that combine the use of ArcGIS and Geomatica to perform common tasks and leverage the power of each platform. Code samples are available for each of the examples below.

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  • Billboard Placement

    Using stereo imagery to derive a high resolution Digital Surface Model (DSM) within Geomatica, potential billboard placement was assessed to determine the optimal placement based on its potential visibility. Billboard placement, intersection with roads, and line of sight analysis is performed within ArcGIS.

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  • Volumetric Assessment

    Multi-temporal imagery that is collected in stereo can be used to derive surface models that can be analysed to determine changes in surface elevation. Using these differences, areas of change can be identified and measured, using volumetric calculations. This example shows how Geomatica and ArcGIS can be used to automatically measure 3D changes and provide volumetric change estimates.

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